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Search Engines, Websites, and How a Website Needs to be User Friendly

The User Interface Testing Survey Questions for user satisfaction were developed by the team of researchers in Human-Computer Lab. All these questions are there to test the reliability and validity of the problems that are affecting human satisfaction on any user interface. The overall system satisfaction is measured in six scales. The actors that are considered are terminology factors, feedback factors, screen factors, learning factors, and compatibility and security factors. Each area is measured to check overall satisfaction. The questioner is configured in such a way that it is according to the need of every web interface and it includes only that part of the website which is interacted by the user.

A Great Tool for Website Testing

User Interface Testing Survey Questions are no doubt a great tool to check the thoughts of the great audience about the website. If you are going to do a survey then adding what type of questions that can be helpful is a tricky task. Below you are going to find some questions that can be useful in testing user interface.

  1. Do you recommend visiting this website to your Friends, Colleagues, and Family Members?

This question will no doubt give you an indirect feedback. If the user does not recommend it to his friends then what you have to do? There are chances that user will not rate the website correctly. Try using the ranges of YES because it will help people to think well and they will be text free. It will make them easy to answer.

  1. Who would you explain our Website?

You can give them different options in X, Y, Z form as per user needs and user experience. It will give a clear perception of people thought. Analyzing this data is sometimes very difficult, but you can create a word to get any impression from the answers.

  1. How well is our website as compared to the website of our Competitor?

The answers you will get from this question will help you a lot to make a clear picture of what is good or bad on your website as compared to your competitor. You must choose a competitor carefully. The good idea is to compare your website with the market leader. If you compare it with an unknown, then people will not know about it and will not rate your website correctly.

  1. How do you Rate our website? Choose from 1 to 10.

You can get many follow-up questions with this type of question. Like why you give this score to our website? When people are scoring your website, they feel happy and confident, and they give good justification.

  1. What are things not liked by you on our website?

This question will give you a complete picture about the pain factors of the user about your website. Never provide ticks or options with this question. Doing this will make your customer double minded, and he will get new ideas. In this way, his real thought or plan will be missed.

You can also ask question like Do you find our website easy to use? Etc.

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