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If you are looking for some really easy ways to breathe life into your otherwise boring and tired rooms while also boosting the overall value of your home, you can shift your attention to your floors. When it comes to home improvement projects, the floor may not be the first thing that gets a facelift, but it sure is one of the easiest especially when you consider these 6 flooring options to upgrade the look of your floor.

1. Engineered wood floors

Solid hardwood floors are simply incomparable, especially when it comes to elegance and durability. But the versatility, ease of installation, and practicality of using engineered wood floor panels are exactly what you need to create an all-new element of sophistication to your floor. You can let your creativity fly through the roof to come up with amazing styles on your floor.

2. Floating wood floors

Many modern homeowners miss the warmth afforded by hardwood floors that ceramic tiles, concrete or even sheet vinyl simply cannot replicate. If you’re in this predicament, you might want to consider floating wood floors. Layers of plywood or pine are sandwiched by wood veneer, glued together in a seamless bond. The humongous plank is then installed as is over existing flooring without the need for nails. It’s like the larger brother of engineered wood floors as they are typically snapped or glued together.

3. Vinyl tiles

Everyone knows vinyl tiles as the quintessential flooring material of choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, foyers, and even mudrooms. The thing is that you don’t need to limit their application to these places alone. As vinyl tiles today come in a gazillion patterns and textures including colors and other design elements, you can easily transform a room into an amazing work of art. Besides, vinyl tiles are crack-resistant and very easy to clean, too.

4. Cork floors

If you have this problem of stepping onto hard, cold floors that you can literally feel the icy jolt up your spine, maybe it’s time to give your floor some corky upgrade. Cork may not be as elegant as hardwood, but it can give you protection against the cold floor. It’s durable and resilient, earthy and stylish, and gives your room a really comfortable matting that you won’t even need carpeting anymore.

5. Painted checkerboard floors

The best way to create the classic checkerboard pattern of floors which is usually seen in many kitchens is by performing a complete refinishing if not a major remodeling of the floor. However, if you have an otherwise smooth floor surface, you can actually paint the floor in checkerboard pattern. It is cheaper yet gives you that aesthetic you’re looking for.

6. Epoxy-coated floors

This is something you definitely would want to apply onto your garage as one of the many polished concrete service. Epoxy-coated floors provide protection for your garage floor against oil spills and other leaks. These are a lot easier to clean, too since they bead water. Many epoxy products also come with amazing anti-skid additives.

Upgrading the look of your floor is easy. Just consider any of these 6 flooring options and you will eventually find the right one for your home.

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