Uncle Wesley Loves You. It’s all Gucci !

Hi Im Uncle Wesley!

Uncle Wesley Loves Micheladas!

Can Someone Buy Me Some Tape?

It’s all Gucci !!!!

I enjoy long walks on the beach.  Especially when there is a beautiful horse and a smaller one we call Donkey!
I also like Micheladas.  BUT, I love it even more when you call me Uncle Wesley.
One of my hobbies is to get car parts straight from Japan! BUT! AGAIN! I am always short on tape.  When Im short on tape I can’t put my car parts on from Japan!

Please buy Uncle Wesley some tape!

What makes me such a great guy?
Once again, I enjoy long walks on the beach while holding your hand.  Then I will randomly poke and make fun of you in a loving way to make you laugh and blush.  Redder the better!  That’s right! Redder blushes the BETTER!.

Then I will take you to Capt Tom’s and feed you 4 dozen raw oysters and throw another joke at you while you are mid chewing.  If you spit out your oyster from a laugh, #BOOM !  We getting married.

We going straight to Vegas during SEMA week and we hitching that ride!

Alright guys and gals.  I am going to be the next Giant in Cellphone Retails so watchout for me.  If you want to win my love, start practicing how far you can shoot that oyster from your mouth.  And yes, plenty of hot sauce baby!