SEO & Webdesign: when, why, how?

The when, the why, the how, of SEO and Webdesign

The When

When to use it

If you’re looking to build up authority online. If you’re not using SEO specialist & webdesign to build up your authority, then what are you using? Paid ads can be a great way to go, but those won’t build up your authority over the long-term. Simply put, if you stop paying for SEO, there’s some amount of almost durable authority. Contrast this with stop paying for ads, then there’s nothing left. Just data.

If you’re looking to sell stuff onilne, then it’s a great way to go. Here’s why: people like to shop around, and visit multiple sites. If your website is optimized, built out, and if the authority is built up properly and over a certain threshold, then people will come to your website. Here’s some more data on intent and mobile.

If you’re looking to create some inbound traffic, which ties into points 1 and 2.

When to stop it

If there’s a better alternate use of resources. If your panties are in a bunch, and you need a way out, then short term SEO might not be the best use of your resources. What you could do is have someone fix all of your on-site errors, and see where your website lands in 6 months from now.

The Why

Why is an SEO audit important? If there’s no audit, then the work done might be superficial. And an audit gives insights into how a website is performing. Wouldn’t you like to see what’s under the hood?

Why it takes time? There’s an algorithm, and that algorithm can’t just let new sites jump up to the first few results. The current results are seemingly trusted websites. That’s one of the reasons why they’re up there. You can’t change everything in one swell swoop, if the website is larger, and if you don’t have the manpower to handle that, then it takes time

The How

How SEO helps in digital marketing

It’s a free channel. If you’re authoritative in Google, then you won’t have to pay for each click that comes to your website. Scaling up becomes easier and easier, and relatively cheaper and cheaper. People have thousands of visitors on their website, every single day, without paying for those clicks directly. There may be some costs, indirectly, but you won’t be on a ticking clock to ‘make it work with your PPC traffic.’

It’s an extra channel. If people are doing online marketing, then they’d like to have all channels working for them. Would you rather have only FB working for you, or FB + Google + Youtube? If it’s all the same, in regards to effort put in, then the second option is more appealing, no? People use Google for best Houston SEO Company, in some markets more than in other ones

How SEO works – PPT

Here’s a link to a powerpoint:

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