Searching For an SEO Specialist

If you need an SEO specialist for your business, finding one can be a daunting task. If you’re a small business owner I am sure you can relate to this. Checking your email day to day you probably get a lot of emails of promises to move your site to page one, etc. You’ll get emails from all over the world including India, offering you budget seo with BIG promises.

Ask yourself this one question. Would you trust your business with someone or some company you don’t know? It’s like going to a dentist that you never heard of before, never read any reviews and just going in blind, hoping he or she will do a good job.


The Best Referral

¬†Nowadays people will buy things (in most cases) not because of an advertisement they saw, or an email received but because they received a referral from a friend or at least someone they know. Imagine this scenario where you are in a store looking for a printer. You see a friend there and he was in the same situation as you and picked up printer “A”. He swears by this printer and says it does a great job and is very happy with it. Meanwhile, a salesman tries to convince you to buy printer “B.” Which one would you choose?

The same scenario should be adapted for SEO and even more so. Some business owners don’t understand the risk they could be taking with an SEO company. If this company doesn’t know what they are doing, doesnt pay attention to what is working and what isn’t working, they are putting you at risk. All it takes is a wrong move on their part and your site could get de-indexed. Now, if you are not ranking anywhere you probably won’t feel a hit, but imagine if you are getting some traffic and this extra traffic is keeping you profitable and then it disappears overnight. ¬†Don’t let this treatment happen to you.

Reputable companies have heard of this all too much, according to Goliath Marketing in Toronto, Canada, one of their clients had such a spammy backlink profile it took a long time to clean up. This was due to the business owner taking on an “seo specialist” that was using shady tactics to get them ranked.


Where to Find an SEO Specialist

Your best best is to talk to other business owners and ask them if they have an “SEO guy.” You’ll want to talk to someone that is not in your industry because a competitor will never give up his guy whether it be a webdesigner or a general construction contractor. It would also be unethical for this person to work for a competitor.

You can also check out other sites in a similar industry and see how they rank. In some cases the SEO company may have a link on their website so it’s just a matter of calling them and see if they have done the SEO for the site that is ranking well. Another way is just to simply type in SEO Expert or SEO specialist + your city and see what comes up. Check out the top three. If they can rank their site, chances are they can probably rank yours. Makes sense doesn’t it?

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