Is Houston Rehab the Best Treatment for Drug Addiction?

When someone is a drug addict, rehab is automatically an option for recovery. But while a lot of drug addicts are put into or sentenced to rehab, not everyone gets better after weeks or months of staying there.


Misconception on Rehab


Rehabilitation is defined as the whole process of helping someone recover from any form of mental disorder or addiction. This can be trauma, anxiety, depression, dependence on drugs, alcohol, or other vices. Its goal is to help patients recover and to learn how to be able to carry on with their daily tasks while they are on the path to recovery.


Rehab does not aim for their patients to be dependent on the program. On the contrary, aside from the counseling and the somewhat controlled environment, patients are left on their own to mingle with people who are experiencing the same as them.


While all of these refer to rehabilitation with a Houston rehab center and its wide scope, there is still a notion or rather, an expectation where any patient that goes into rehab goes out as a new version of themselves. Some relatives and friends expect that rehab will change their loved one and that their loved one will never revert to addiction once they are out of rehab.


While it is understandable where the expectation is coming from, everyone should know that in a rehab center, the environment is a lot safer and controlled than the real world. Because the real world holds a lot of unexpected events, their loved one might experience a trigger that will bring them to a relapse. This does not exactly mean that the rehab treatment was ineffective.


Rehab Is Not The Only Option


It cannot be denied that not everyone will get better just by doing rehab. At the same time, a few months in a rehabilitation program does not guarantee that a person can recover in that span of time. Since everyone has their own pace and their own personal story as to why they ended up being addicted, there is no one-size-fits-all program that guarantees recovery after a few months or weeks.


Moreover, every addict has their own personality and that is a big factor in determining what kind of treatment should help them more. If they are spiritual, maybe a spiritual journey would be more effective than making them stay in a controlled environment. If they are recovering from an injury, then treatments like physical therapy might be more helpful.


If you want to help your loved one and if you want to speed up the recovery process, you can supplement rehab with other treatments or therapies like psychotherapy or simply immersing them in new hobbies. There are times when you need not focus too much on the clinical aspect of recovery, but also the human aspect of it.


In the end, rehabilitation is known to be effective, but it is not a guarantee that it will change each and every person who tries it. Everyone is different and the approach taken in their recovery should be tailor-fit to their personality, what they are comfortable with, and even to some extent, the budget of the family.