Responsible Use Of Feather Flags Is Important

Advertisements have always benefitted more than just the business because consumers become informed and connected with those who can provide them with the products they need. This is why ads are located where the people can see them and benefits both parties.

While there is normally harmony when it comes to how companies advertise their products, feather flags draw the line between safe and potentially dangerous. These banners certainly draw a lot of attention, because they are normally on the ground and easily seen, but because they are flying in the wind, they can be a hazard at times.

Why Feather Flags Are So Popular

Flags became widespread as a result of the last economic downturn. They were borne out of a need to save money on advertising and to encourage consumers to buy. Feather flags are very affordable and catchy, so that businesses both big and small started to use them.

However, the low price can also be a huge disadvantage. Some businesses tend to just leave their flags out until they fade or break, simply because replacing them is anyways so cheap. Other companies desperate for business have started to also install them in inconvenient spots, at times even disrupting the view of traffic lights and signs. In these cases, they are more than just eyesores, instead they are a hazard. Some cities have reacted by putting in tougher regulations or have gone as far as banning feather flags.

Using Feather Flags Responsibly

Banning these flags completely can also be disadvantageous to the customer because these flags can be more than just advertisements. Sometimes, they are signs that tell customers where booths are and thus, they can find the business more easily.

The most responsible use of feather flags is for events or simply for temporary use. After all, there are permanent signages that businesses can use to point to customers where they are, for example. These can be more stable and placed in a spot that does not obstruct the view of drivers.

Feather flags, on the other hand, are the perfect solution for specific promotions, booths, or outdoor events. This is why some cities still allow them but only for a limited amount of time. After all, leaving a feather flag flying on the wind the whole year round can certainly pose a danger in times of extreme weather.

Other responsible steps businesses can take to protect the consumers include replacing their feather flags when they become worn, tattered, or faded as they simply become a nuisance then. Moreover, they should be very considerate in the placing of their flags so that they do not cause a distraction or worse, prevent drivers on the road from seeing important road signs. It is not that far-fetched to think that they can actually cause road accidents.

They should also be kept away from sidewalks, especially if they are low enough to hit pedestrians while they are walking. Lastly, when the wind is strong, businesses can fold up or remove their flags to prevent any accidents.

Advertising through feather flags are without a doubt affordable and effective, but businesses should always put public safety in mind when putting them up. With responsible use, they can benefit from the promotion and the customers from the information, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

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