The Different Pros And Cons Of Christian Couples Counseling

In an ideal world, no partners would argue and there would be no need to deal with difficult issues in marriage or long-term relationships. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world and many people turn to counseling in times of difficulty within their relationships. From a Christian perspective, there are two forms of counseling therapy – the Christian couples counseling and secular therapy. Both of these forms help couples deal with issues via third-party guidance; however, many Christian couples feel that the former is more beneficial. This article will deal with the pros and cons of Christian marriage counseling.

Dealing With The Various Types Of Counseling Approaches

Regardless of whether you are searching for Christian couples counseling or a traditional therapy option, it is important to note that all therapists offer various approaches to therapy. Christians tend to have different views on certain issues, as well as aspects of mental health and spirituality; therefore, it is important to consider whether you are searching for a psychologist or pastor to help you with your problem. The one factor you need to consider is that you want to find an individual who has beliefs that are similar to yours. This is why Christian counseling is beneficial for Christian couples in that they are being treated by a professional who understands their core values and principles.

Dealing With The Issue of Divorce

The majority of people who attend secular counseling will encounter the potential option of divorce more often than people in Christian marriage counseling. At secular counseling levels, the therapist and couple can determine divorce as being a healthy option; however, couples in Christian marriage counseling near me will revert to what Jesus said about divorce in his Sermons on the Mount. According to these sermons, Jesus referred to divorce as being unacceptable except in cases of adultery; therefore, the majority of Christian couples will focus on means of keeping families together.

Unfortunately, this can be seen as both a benefit and a disadvantage. The view of divorce may be a healthier issue if the couple is experiencing an unhealthy relationship and are not willing to put in the effort to “make it work”. To create change in a relationship, it is important that each partner tries to make change.

Dealing With Psychiatric Issues And Behavioral Conditions

Many individuals who engage in loveless marriage therapy realize that they or their partners may be experiencing psychiatric or behavioral conditions. According to the Bible, psychiatric disorders were referred to as diabolical possession and, instead of offering counseling, Jesus would cast the demons into a herd of swine. Despite the contemporary nature of some Christian couples counseling groups, the base idea regarding psychiatric conditions remains one of demonic possession. People with severe psychiatric disorders require assistance from a psychiatric professional, and Christian therapy cannot offer them this option at Cornerstone Ministry.

Final Words

As can be seen, there are benefits and disadvantages to using a Christian couples therapy option. Using the information above, you can determine if Christian counseling is suitable for your needs.

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